We are equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities to ensure quality products delivered on time.
Pre Treatment shop
Equipped with a 7 tank hot phosphating with monorail facility, this section ensures that all structural members are subjected to phosphate treatment as per the automotive industry standards

Structure fabrication shop

Sl No.
Equipments Make
1 Hydraulic Press brake- 3.2m x 3mm- 80 tonne Yangli
2 Grinding Machine-56 mm x 20 Vertex
3 Drilling Machine-Pillar type Vertex
4 Power saw Vertex
5 Hydraulic roof stick bending machine Custom made
6 MIG welding machine-200 amps EE
7 Arc Welding machine-300amps EE
8 Oxy-acetylene gas welding/cutting  

Paneling shop

Sl No.
Equipments Make
1 Hydraulic shearing machine-3.2m x 6mm Yangli
2 Sheet folding equipment Custom made
3 Power saw Vertex
4 MIG welding machine-200 amps Calton
5 Oxy-acetylene gas welding/cutting  
6 Panel sheet stretching machine Custom made
7 Riveting guns Bosch

The panel sheet stretching machine ensures wave free side panels giving more finish to the bus.
Paint shop
We have installed an EPCOAT  brand painting cum drying booth of 17 m L x 6.5 m W x 6 m H working on negative pressure principle. This booth has a multi-state filtration system with EU5 grade filters that helps to eliminate reworks caused by airborne dust and dirt, which can contaminate freshly painted surfaces.
A computerized colour mixing facility is also attached to the paint booth.
Glazing , Interior and exterior finishing shop
This section is equipped with a scissor lift for fixing of front and rear wind shields. Fixing of seats, lights and fixtures, air conditioning, external graphics, entertainment systems, etc are done here
Rain laboratory for the whole vehicle
Arrangement to simulate the rain effects in natural environment checks for any leakages from roof and windows.