Introducing New 2012 Model Buses "TECHNO PELICAN" and "TECHNO CAMBUS" .....!!!

Welcome to Techno Automotive Engineers Pvt Ltd, the manufacturers of the most versatile and stylishly engineered buses in India. Process innovations continue to improve the standard of buses you order & receive and keep us globally competitive and ahead.

We produce all types of bus bodies ranging from single runs to entire fleets. Each one is uniquely designed to withstand the pressure of the journey for which it is made and is fitted with any options as per the desire of the user. Talk to us about your specific requirements and let us work out just what you need. The needs of every customer fall within our capabilities.

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Our Vision

To become a leading manufacturer in the body building industry of India and to provide automotive products with the desired quality and safety features, complying with the benchmark norms set under the national and international standards.